We are pleased to announce to have 4th BIWAKO BIENNALE in 2010.

The exhibition venue will be some vacant traditional town houses and old factories in the old district of Omihachiman-City where the BIWAKO BIENNALE has been held since its second exhibition.

Like the previous exhibition style, we would like visitors to taste not only the exhibition but also the attraction of the town by wondering about with a town map on their hand.

The theme “Casket-Magical World”-we should have our own unexposed casket in ourselves that brings us the magical moment across a space‐time continuum and timeless journey.

Let’s enjoy the Magical World together!!



18th Sep 2010 - 7th Nov 2010


Omihachiman-City, Shiga-Prefecture, Japan






-YOKOHAMA Exhibition-






-Art Exhibitions-

We have 15 exhibition spaces which are vacant traditional town houses, old factories and the garden of Japanese temple. All the Artists create their works inspired by the assigned exhibition space. They are all kind of artists, like painters, sculptors, photographers, ceramic artists, video artists, animators, and so on.


○YOKOHAMA Exhibition

[Period:friday・saturday・sunday(18th Sep 2010 - 7th Nov 2010) Location:Yokohamabashi gallery(1-4 takane-chou Minami-ku Yokohama-city Kanagawa,Japan)]



●「“Yakatabune” (Japanese boats) workshop」 Instructor-Antenna, Sachie Noda, Ichiro Endo, Yoshitaka Yazu

Yakatabune” is the traditional Japanese boat which still sails “Hachimanbori” canal.

In the summer vacation, artists and children will make some decoration together for those boats at the canal.

Then during “BIWAKO BIENNALE”, people will enjoy riding those artistic boats!



Performed by AWAYA and Toru Yamanaka at “Kawara Tsune” the old ceramic roof factory. Many years, this huge factory made “Kawara “ceramic roofs which was one of the most famous industry in Omihachiman. But now, those industry were all gone and only the space remains. This concert will be a homage of the prosperous time of this factory


-Artists Talks & Seminars-

Let’s have informal chat with artists over a cup of tea about their works or life!

It will be something like “Happening”. During the periods of BIWAKO BIENNALE , artists will appear sometime in the exhibition place without any notice. So, please, watch out!


-Exhibition by art students-

Young art students will also exhibit there masterpiece in “Kawara Tsune”.


 Host Organization

(NPO) Energy Field


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General Director Yoko Nakata

International advisor Adon peres

Assistant Director Tomoharu Inoue, Ayako Inoue



BIWAKO Biennale Office/(NPO) Energy Field


6 Tamaya-chou Omihachiman-City Shiga,Japan 523-0831


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